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Welcome to my website! My name is Dirk Schieborn and I am an independent pianist and composer living in Stuttgart, Germany. Playing the piano and presenting my music live on stage or online is one of my greatest passions.

What is Pianoptikum?

Pianoptikum is beautiful modern piano music for the eyes and ears. Focusing on the piano, I aim at making my music audible and visible to a broader audience – in live concerts, YouTube, and more.


A major part of my music is improvised – freely created in the moment. Doing this I move across different musical styles: jazz, blues, classical music, and pop music. Not to know what comes next fascinates me very much.

Focus on the piano

Amazing Piano Concerts

Pure Enthusiasm

I pack the full range of musical emotions into my live concerts: groovy, virtuoso, emotionally and melancholically I draw musical paintings – at times tenderly and lyrically, at times powerfully and right in the face.

The Effect of Music

I frequently get the feedback from my audience about them being intrigued by the experience of how music is being created in the moment, how it affects both the audience and me and how it therefore is the trigger for the following spontaneous musical and emotional development.

What drives me

Back Then in the Piano Bar

Cruise Ships and Dubai

During my studies I earned my living as a bar pianist. This took me on cruise ships and literally around the world. I went to Dubai several times, where I performed at the Raffles and the Burj Al Arab. Whereever I was staying: it was always my greatest pleasure to present my own music to an audience.

From the Piano Bar to the Stage

I discovered that my very personal, intimate, mostly improvised piano music was very well received by the audience. From then on, the stage (real and virtual) attracted me more and more – Pianoptikum was born.

Without a Safety Net

Freedom on Stage

Music - Created in the Moment

Improvising music means creating music in the moment. There are no scores, no plans, maybe not even a steady rhythm. The music becomes immediate and intensive – it captures the atmosphere of the moment and distills it into sounds, very much like a painter turns his surroundings into colours and shapes.

Solo, with drums or other musicians

The feeling of complete freedom on stage attracts and intrigues me. Each concert or video performance is combined with the joyful anticipation of how the night and the music will develop. This experience gets especially intense, when I am on stage together with close musician friends.

Pianoptikum für Augen und Ohren

Watch my Videos

Music will have an even stronger attraction to its listener, the more he gets personally involved with all senses. Especially the optical component plays an essential role. Therfore, in addition to the live performance I am very keen on capturing my music in videos or other online formats.

«Was uns am Herzen liegt» Charity Concert 2017

On October 21, 2017, our next charity concert "Was uns am Herzen liegt" will take place in the Friedenskirche Ludwigsburg.

Pianoptikum Dußlingen 2016

For the fourth time we are invited to perform in the Evangelical Methodist Church in Dußlingen near Tübingen, Germany, in the course of a charity concert.

«Was uns am Herzen liegt» Charity Concert 2015

Dirk Schieborn and friends contributed to the charity concert "Was uns am Herzen liegt" in the Friedenskirche Ludwigsburg.

Responses to my Music

Press Reviews and Audience Feedback

Pianoptikum on Stage

Piano Recital 2.0

The Grand Piano and the Stage

The concept of a piano recital with a single grand piano on the stage keeps me fascinated since my childhood – 88 keys, which can create an entire world, the spot light, the sound of felt, wood and steel strings. However, there were other elements of a classical piano recital which I did not like as much: dress code, formalities and the repetitions of the same old music. I want to handle things differently.

Feeling and Experiencing the Music

As far as I am concerned, I think a piano concert should move and touch the audience, should fire up enthusiasm. For this purpose, neither formalities nor behavioural rules are needed – all it takes is a grand piano and an audience who is eager about experiencing the unknown. And – when the opportunity is right – other musicians who share this passion.

The Groovy Version of Pianoptikum

Piano and Drums

Piano and Drums in visibly good shape

We get especially enthusiastic reactions from our audience when we perform with the Pianoptikum duo variant with drummer René Letters, where piano and drums chase each other into the unknown fields of improvised music. Creatively moving forward alternates with listening and reacting – a remarkable interplay captivating both audience and musicians.

Only condition: a grand piano and a couple of music lovers


Concert Hall or Living Room: The Only Thing Needed is a Grand Piano

Pianoptikum does not want to be “entertainment”, but it means purest music and freedom. I do not aim at performing a “show”. I rather want to go beyond: I want my music to immediately touch, move, stir. In other words: to do the very thing which only music can do in such an immediate way. Be it in a concert hall or in your living room – I do not care. Only condition: a grand piano and people who love music.

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