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Welcome to my website! My name is Dirk Schieborn, and I am an enthusiastic pianist. Playing the piano and presenting my music to audience (live and online) is one of my greatest passions.

What is Pianoptikum?

Pianoptikum is piano music for eyes and ears: Focussing on the piano, with Pianoptikum I render my music audible and visible – in live concerts and videos.


A major part of my music is improvised – freely created in the moment. Doing this I move across many styles: jazz, classical, pop, and many more. Not knowing what comes next is very intriguing to me.

Focussed on the Piano

Exceptional Piano Concerts

Pure Piano Passion

In my live concerts I pack the full range of musical styles and emotions: I love to paint musical pictures – groovy, virtuous, energetic and melancholic – at times tender and lyrical, at times intense and “into the face”.

The Effect of Music

At times I get the feedback that it is fascinating to witness how music evolves in the moment, how it effects both the audience and me and how it consequently is origination, motivation and force for its further spontaneuos evolution.

Piano Music for your Eyes and Ears

Watch my Videos

Music will have an even greater attraction, if one connects with it with all senses. In particular, this includes the optical perspective. Therefore, along with performing live, I am especially fascinated by capturing my music in videos.

«Was uns am Herzen liegt» Charity Concert 2017

On October 21, 2017, our next charity concert "Was uns am Herzen liegt" will take place in the Friedenskirche Ludwigsburg.

Pianoptikum Dußlingen 2016

For the fourth time we are invited to perform in the Evangelical Methodist Church in Dußlingen near Tübingen, Germany, in the course of a charity concert.

«Was uns am Herzen liegt» Charity Concert 2015

Dirk Schieborn and friends contributed to the charity concert "Was uns am Herzen liegt" in the Friedenskirche Ludwigsburg.


Feedback from Audience and Press

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I am happy to receive your feedback!

I am happy to receive your «like»!

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